A class experience

As it happened to all teachers at the beginning of this year, teaching online proved to be a challenge, especially when it came to keeping children motivated and finding suitable activities for them to learn and have a good time.

At the moment of this experience, I was teaching a group of nine to eleven year-olds. Most of them are always enthusiastic learners keen on participating and moving around. After covering a unit about food, we went on with some extra material from science, more specifically about carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins and how important it was to include those in a healthy diet. They also watched a video about making bread. Besides learning the specific vocabulary, one of the activities was to work with instructions. As homework, the children were invited to make bread with the help of their parents and then share a video with the rest of the class.

The results were surprising. Most of them carried out the activity and they felt very proud when their turn came to show what they had done. Apart from checking the use of the correct vocabulary, it was a good opportunity for me to check their fluency when they explained the instructions at each step. In some cases, members of the family participated with comments in English. In others, children adapted the recipe taking into account the ingredients they had at home. Everybody was pleased with the final product. But most importantly, it was a memorable activity. We all know that children usually remember more when they are really involved. This proved to be one of those activities. Families were grateful since it was a chance for them to see how the kids were learning and at the same time it was a perfect thing to do when all the family was at home during lockdown. I have also learnt during this time that we should not be afraid to ask children to put their hands on activities.

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Sabina Guillan

Sabina Guillan is a translator who works in our city at CIERG teaching General English, Biology, Literature and Drama. She is also a teacher at EXCEL where she works with the youngest learners.