English at UTN

Let me tell you a little bit about myself first. I have been keen on studying English as a Foreign Language for a couple of years. I remember I was of a quite young age, when I started to acquire much vocabulary and was exposed to a variety of English language input, such as video-games, books, movies, etc. Nowadays, I interact with people from all around the globe thanks to the bond I created with the English language, which has developed over the past years. Even though I have been part of the Diplomatura for just a year, it has been a pleasure to share this classes regardless of virtuality. Needless to say, both teacher and classmates have been kind and patient to one another, all corrections to our speaking and/or writings were always provided politely. I would highly recommend this course to someone who tends to be struggling with communicating in English. All in all, as I see it, It has been a nice experience to polish my English and acquire more vocabulary from the professional/technical field, as well as the day-to-day usage of the language. There is not any more to say but to thank the teacher and coordinator, and hope everyone who wants to join the Diplomatura would be able to do so and enjoy the process of learning!

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Lázaro Martínez Catá

Lázaro Martínez Catá is an Agricultural Technician and is currently studying engineering and English at UTN.